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The company

Founded on solid knowledge
from the wireless industry

Inntrasys is founded in 2009 by two experienced engineering managers from the mobile cluster. Inntrasys is founded together with the venture organization, NOVI Innovation. The two founders have 28years international experience within ITS and telecommunication

The focus of our business development is within the area of mobile OnBoard Units for Intelligent Transport Systems and data services . Our product design (InnBox) is based on methodologies of innovation and user driven product design.


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Capitalizing on proven technology


Inntrasys develop advanced OnBoard Units for the growing market related to Intelligent Transport Systems.

The product name of the Inntrasys OnBoard Unit is 'InnBox'. The InnBox is designed to operate as the mobile element in advanced traffic and transport related system solutions. The InnBox is the natural link between the back-end infrastructure of the overall system, the vehicle and its environment and the driver.

The InnBox is managing the system telematics, performing measurements and handling communication and interaction with the driver.


The Inntrasys InnBox is based on the experience and proven technology used in the wireless industry combined with the robustness and adaptability necessary in the automotive industry.

Emphasis is put on robust design with focus on small form factor, low power consumption and flexible HW and SW design.

The InnBox is utilizing proven GSM/GPRS technology for communication, and the latest generation GPS receivers for positioning. In addition to these primary systems, InnBox features a number of interfaces for In-Trafic interaction with the driver and communication with the external environment.


The Inntrasys InnBox contains a number of distinct value adding features for use in intelligent transport and traffic systems.

  • Quick and non-intrusive mounting in the vehicle
  • In-Trafic user interaction
  • Extensive tampering detection
  • Platform for service execution


Focussed on building
knowledge and experience

Awareness of ITS and the impact it can have on traffic execution, the environment and the individual is growing.

The mobile technology is known and proven. Exploiting the full potential of the technology in the context of ITS is a new and exciting challenge.

Inntrasys is facing the challenge of building new system knowledge and experience by partnering with university experts and other companies.

Inntrasys is initiator and partner in the 'ITS Platform Nordjylland' project, link. The platform will initially consist of an ITS server back-end and 500 InnBox'es from Inntrasys mounted in cars driving in Northern Jutland, Denmark. The project kicked off early 2010.

The platform will be upwards scalable and can be deployed anywhere geographically. The platform will enable test and design of ITS functionalities such as road-pricing. 'ITS Platform Nordjylland' will prove superior performance and quality in Inntrasys product line.


Getting in

Storhøjvej 2
9530 Støvring

Brian Jørgensen, CEO
Mobile:   +45 29694561
Skype: bjo.inntrasys

Karsten Frilev, CTO
Mobile:   +45 29232008  
Skype: kaf.inntrasys